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Here is a link to the submission to the Citizen assembly:


Some great news. 46 Deputies and 12 Senators agreed to a plan to progress to the 1Yi that will literally be a political game changer. As well as opposition politicians, the 1Yi is also being supported by two Junior Ministers, John Halligan and Finian McGrath and Katherine Zappone, Minister for Children and Youth Reform. 

They have agreed to put forward a joint motion calling for the establishment of a People's Assembly. The assembly will have one year (hence the name One-Year-Initiative) to formulate the mechanism/process for *People-initiated referendums. After the year when the mechanism has been formulated, the Irish citizens will decide by referendum if they want the mechanism put into the Irish constitution. As you can imagine, when implemented, this reform that will benefit all Irish citizens and future generations.

The motion is now on the House of the Oireachtas Order of business for the Dáil and it has also been also put on the Order of Business for the Seanad. 

To help get the motion passed, we really need the public to get involved. Please share this news with your family and friends as it is unlikely we will receive any media attention going by the lack of attention to date. To get involved, simply go to the Get involved page of this website to link in with other supporters of the 1Yi. 

* People-Initiated Referendums are legally binding referendums. They are initiated by ordinary people through generating a national petition. 

The 1-Year-Initiative motion

Click to read the Dáil motion

Click to read the Seanad motion


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